Baked CBD Treats


Our CBD baked treats are made from scratch using only the best organic superfood plant-based and gluten-free ingredients. Our cakes are expertly made by hand at our production site in London, in small batches to preserve the natural flavour and most importantly the inherent nutritional value of the ingredients. Can be delivered straight to your door in biodegradable keep me packaging making it good for you and our planet.

Superfood Cherry Blondie –  packed with hearty buckwheat and tiger nut flour, tasty chia seeds and crunchy cashews offset with sour cherries.

Calm Hemp Financier – A decadent financier made with pistachios, hemp flour, infused with chamomile and offset with tangy bursts of lemon.


We use a non-psychoactive broad premium cannabinoid isolate extracted from non-GMO hemp processed in USA by MILE HIGH LABS. Powered by their proprietary nanotechnology and thoroughly lab tested to ensure nearly 99.9% purity. Meaning it contains no traces of THC, which is the cause for the psychoactive properties of cannabis. 
 CBD is one of the only substances deemed by the WHO to have no major side effects or risk of dependency. Cannabis plant is high in vitamins, fibre and minerals with high folate content for cell repair, iron for blood oxygenation and calcium for strong bones.
Our Superfood Cherry Blondie and Calm Hemp Financier are an irresistible passage to get your dose of CBD. We transform nutritious superfoods and calming CBD into delicious baked treats that can be easily consumed. And not only do these baked goods taste great they are organic, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and nutrient-dense. This coupled with pure, high grade CBD provide a winning combination of products that are good for our customers' mental and physical health. Our baked cakes taste divine, are nutrient dense and will relieve of any immediate stress or anxiety.


  1. A perfect snack whilst on-the-go, infused with the purest CBD isolate.
  2.  100% vegan & dairy-free, instead we use plant-based fats derived from coconuts, avocado, nuts and seeds as alternatives.
  3.  Superfood ingredients 100% gluten-free, instead we use nine different organic flours.
  4. Each pack contains 75mg servings of CBD expertly mixed with other ingredients to give the perfect blend of taste, texture and presentation.

DISCLAIMER: If you are a currently lactating mother, on blood thinning drugs or have a pre-existing medical condition and take prescribed medication please consult with a medical professional before use.

Best Gluten Free Bakery In London Uk Delivering Mouth Watering Freshly Baked Cakes Straight To Your Door.

Our Ethos

We believe that, together, through our daily actions, we can create a more sustainable future for people and the planet.The steps been taken by many of us towards that goal. All of our supplies are organic certified and sustainably sourced. We are 100% vegan, gluten free kitchen and we say no to all processed ingredients. Our Cakes come in fully biodegradable packaging and labels.

Gluten Free Bakery

For consumers, the use of gluten free products is chief. It is a quality choice in enhancing health and wellness. But in others, it is a medical necessity. However, what is driving people to the gluten free bakery? And this is a trend that modern bakers are embracing.

And at Simply Nutritive, we have a complete line of gluten-free grounds that are unique in taste. And it's standard and prepared to enact like your favored gluten-rich sweets. At our gluten free bakery, balm cakes, cookies, and inside brownies supply you with quality tastes.

And the structure that will prevent your clients from returning quickly. It is a protein found in most wheat products. In the trial of bread, it is valuable. Think of it as the miraculous catch that carries bread. It helps the flour increase by trapping gas bubbles in the fermentation process.

And it gives bread its unique texture. Although, bakery products start with several of the same ingredients. And as for the things of the backers. Its form is desirable different. It enables the product to be cut- delicately and fine. Imagine being capable of relishing a chewy cake. Or bread that is crush-with like a cookie.

And gluten is the first grid source that holds CO2 through fermentation methods. Changing this process poses a challenge to gluten-free products. There is no single protein substitute. Thus, its alternate needs to be complete through several components.

In general, it can be obtainable from a mixture of carbohydrate bases such as non-wheat flour. And this mixture is with gum and protein sources. Their use in this process improves viscosity. And therefore, it helps to increase the volume of the product. And it can enhance its structure.

A gluten free bakery near me is a reliable facility without wheat. Unfortunately, due to the badly hygienic layoff system, the grains sometimes shift into non-wheat flour before being provided to the bakeries. And in the stand is the dust of grain flour. Because of these disasters, the FDA urges using 20 ppm as a standard to define the word gluten free.

Baked CBD Treats

CBD stands for cannabidiol. And it is a chemical compound found in hemp plants. It interacts with your pet's ECS system and is one of the top cannabinoids now in use. The cannabis plant holds many different cannabinoids. And everyone can reap the benefits.

The full range of hemp oil, which has all the available CBDs, can provide benefits that not a single cannabinoid itself can provide. It is called the esophageal effect and means that the benefits of each cannabinoid combined provide a more valuable experience.

It is why spectrum CBD products lead to more isolation that does not include the extra beneficial terpenes. Simply Nutritive is dedicated to providing our customers with results from the highest quality baked treat. We are a proud team in the UK. Who use organic farming methods to grow cannabis naturally.

Farmers naturally benefit from the rich soil. And four full seasons, which make for an ideal climate for cannabis migration. There are no toxic chemicals used in the grown-up of our baked CBD treats. It indicates that your pets will not be taking any pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides whenever they want. But Simply Nutritive can not provide illegal products.

At Simply Nutritive, plant and health products include a mix of organic, sun-dried cannabis emanated non-psycho-active cannabinoids. The most chief lesson we have learned from our years of work is not that every part of cannabis oil is make-up uniformly. Not everyone is safe from the use of Baked CBD.

But from those who choose the dangerous, cheap means of laying cannabis and extracting oil. We have worked hard on the science of extraction to create texture. And the classic product that we are glad to share with you. The legend is to adhere to strict internal standards and never depend on suitable and sinful oil. Specifically, we test with our products.

Cake CBD Treats

Making cake CBD treats is easy, economical. And way to enjoy its benefits. Of course, eating cake CBD treats will have different effects depending on the duration and intensity. Anxiety is a perceived evil caused by a variety of reasons. Or conditions and health problems can cause more.

CBD is now considered a natural key to combating this scourge, thanks to the diverse scientific research run during the accession period in the second century. The cake is a view as a healthy treat made for a few treats. But it is terrible for you.

Fortunately for you, we're just looking to break the stigma of the current unhealthy cake. Like everything in life, it can be healthy if make-up properly with the right ingredients, but what could be so healthful about it? And the cake is a sweet food format made from flour, sugar, and extra ingredients.

In their form, the cake was a variation of bread, but the cake directly covers a wide range of ways that can be superficial. Or include it and other sweeteners such as pie, meringue, custard. Common additives and flavors include dried, candy, or fruit. And extracts such as vanilla, with numerous options to the previous ingredients.

The cakes can also be complete-up with fruit preserves, nuts. Or sweet spices, iced with butter balm, or another icing. And it includes garnished with marzipan, recipe edges, or candied fruit. The cakes are use-to as a festive plate for formal affairs, such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.

There are many recipes, some of which are like bread. Some are creamy and involved, and many are centuries old. Cake-making is not a complex process. While at one period more than one worker went to make cakes. This service is relatively added special in words.

And baking supplies and these rules have been simplified- so that the most inexpert cooks can make cakes. Our services are always pleasing to our customers. But the process we used is to attract people.